Michaël Lucerne (born December 09.1964, Dijon/F) is a Swiss painter and object artist. His works are classified as neo-expressionism.

He lives and works in Luzern, Switzerland and in Champagney, France.

The interplay of various techniques, his style of life and the personality associated with it form an individual world in which Michaël Lucerne moves freely. He does not limit himself to only one art genre as he also deals with sculpture, photography, design and graphics. The main focus of his work is on motifs such as the human body and its expressive artistic realization. But also nature elements, architecture as well as social phenomena are found in the works of Lucerne, of which many are placed in the public space

Since the Since the beginning of 2020, Lucerne has been living and working at Château de la Houillère in France. In his large castle hall studio, he invents “Images au feu de bois” and his “Image sur Image” murals. These were shown for the first time in his newly opened gallery, 2020, in Luzern.

Michaël Lucerne’s brushwork is fast and wild. The boundaries of abstraction and figuration are united in his works.